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Maven One 900x900 images Specs
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The Maven Factor: Experience The Difference

The Maven Factor is what makes the difference in your performance. We’re committed to offering only the highest-quality components and peripherals for pro and casual players alike, for a better gaming experience and better performance. Whether you’re a competitive esports player or a casual gamer, Maven peripherals are the key to upping your game. For players looking for that x-factor, and for everyone looking for that extra boost in performance, look no further than Maven. Ergonomic design, high-performance specs, and precisely engineered components all combine to deliver a top quality gaming experience.

Ergonomic Design

The unique comfort and design of Maven peripherals are the result of extensive anatomical research and testing, and contribute to your endurance and performance while gaming. The human body is an amazing machine, and when you buy Maven, you don’t just get good quality hardware; you’re getting a literal extension of your body.

High Performance

Maven peripherals are designed to play hard and take no prisoners. While our ergonomic design preserves your own endurance as a player, the hardware itself is built to last as long as you can. A tool is only as good as those who wield it, and if you’ve got the skills, Maven hardware should be your instruments of choice. The Maven One mouse ensures that you’ll perform at your peak at all times, and it works as hard as you do.

Precision Engineering

Maven hardware is precisely engineered to deliver comfort, speed, and performance. We use top-shelf components in our hardware, and each product comes with our personal quality guarantee. Through our international network, we’re able to design, produce, and ship high-quality hardware for a lower cost than our competitors, and in that contest, there is only one winner: you!